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  • Can I see more of your work?
    Abolsutely, we have an extensive library of work to share, as well as case studies on our more in depth engagements. We'd like to send you work relevant to your project. Drop us a note or give us a call and we'll hook you up.
  • Do you have a roster?
    Yes and no. We look at Thousand Ships like a team. We put the right people on the right job. We build your team based on your specific needs and in collaboration with you.
  • What service so you offer?
    Strategy, Design and Storytelling. This includes research, UX/UI, design, motion graphics, illustration, live action, edit and finishing.
  • Is everything in-house?
    We try to keep everything under one roof, often when clients are in other locations we work with team members camped out locally or on our extended roster of storytellers.
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