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During our collaborations, we find our team and often our clients want to jump in the sandbox and play. 

Through the years we've provided a home for spontaneity, exploration and production that pushes perspective on what content is and how it can be created.


Enjoy our original works-in-progress.

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 10.40.13

What started as a mother's poem about dealing with life after her new baby, evolved into this short film. We shot in natural light, over 2 days with a brilliant momma and baby acting duo. The budget was $500. The story... priceless. 

Enjoy the trailer. Full release Septmber 2018.

Based off the Poem, Daughter, by Roka Music

Director: Gina Grande

DP: Chase Chestnutt

Is it possible to create content for kids on a shoestring budget. We explored the idea of rapid-fire interstitials to help get kids off their butts and shake it. 

Director: Penelope Nederlander

Original Music: Ben Kweller

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